"The authenticity of Pride Films & Plays’ ‘Southern Comfort’ may just make humans better"

By Barry Reszel for Chicagoland Musical Theatre

"Southern Comfort is no mere musical.Yes, it has a poignant songbook that advances a plot of interest and emotion. And for patrons fortunate enough to have already achieved full understanding..."


       "Photo Flash: Pride Films And Plays Presents  AFTERGLOW"

      By BWW News Desk for Broadway World Chicago

"In AFTERGLOW, an off-Broadway hit from 2017 exploring the emotional, intellectual, and physical connections between three men and the broader implications within their relationships..."


"Buyer & Cellar explores Barbra Streisand’s (make-believe) basement  shopping mall" 

    By Dmitry Samarov for Chicago Reader

"Like a cross between The Santaland Diariesand Sunset Boulevard, Jonathan Tolins's 2013 one-man comedy sends up the lifestyle of the haves through the eye of the have-nots..."


"'Sweet Texas Reckoning,' perfect for Pride month, dives into complicated  familial relationships"

    By Karen Topham for Chicago On Stage

"According to Artemisia Theatre, Sweet Texas Reckoning is a comedy, but you’d have to pardon audiences for not picking up the humor in this powerful production of Traci Godfrey’s play about familial relations, bigotry, and the coming out of a gay woman to her estranged mother..."


"Hooks and Hook-Ups: A Review of Grindr The Opera at Pride Films and Plays"

By Aaron Hunt for New City Stage

"We presume that gay men still meet each other in bars, however accidentally. But as is true for all sectors of society possessed of means and minimal typing skills, the internet has changed the face of Getting To Know You forever. The appropriately named app Grindr..." 


"Art Is Love in Endearing ‘Man of No Importance’"

By Hedy Weiss for WTTW News

"The fine designers (Evan Frank, Mike McShane, Matthew Zalinski and Isaac Mandel) have made the most of the intimate theater’s space, and Bob Kuhn’s character-defining costumes are ideal. The ensemble work here is perfection. But it is Lanning’s exquisitely limned turn as Alfie that ultimately makes the show. A man of much importance."


"'The Suffrage Plays' swaddles social commentary in satire"

By Catey Sullivan for Chicago Reader

"If nothing else, this trio of one-acts that explore the uphill battles of 19th-century suffragettes will make you grateful. I mean, thank Whatever we no longer live in a world where repeated cries of "shoot them down!" or some such slogan are deployed by the patriarchy whenever women demand something ridiculous like autonomy over their own bodies or equal treatment under the law."